Thursday, 16 February 2012


So we're playing an alldayer on Sunday and our driver/van man/guitar rock god Stu has decided we're getting a cab to the venue so that he can drink.  Which of course means we'll all be 'falling in line' and joining him for an afternoon on the Jagerbombs.  Three of us don't have to work on the Monday so I guess it's ok, let's see how it turns out!

But seriously, it should be a good crack, come down if you can we'll cook you a Sunday Roast with a cigarette lighter.  Oh yes it CAN be done!

Friday, 10 February 2012


As you may know we put on our own night every so often to big up the bands we like and our next show is going to be held in our very own gallery/warehouse space in Dalston.  It forms part of a double weekender we're doing with our friends 'Crows', and should be a right good crack.  We also have the mega excellent Nitkowski playing, plus the talented Katie Malco to sing us out.  Nice!

24th Feb 2012
3.5 Frederick Terrace, E8 4EW
£2 entry by donation

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Big thanks to everyone who continues to part with their money and buy our EP at gigs and online, £2 may seem like a small gesture but it all helps us to cover our costs.  Although in all honesty there are plenty of causes in far greater need of a few quid, but hopefully you're the kind of people that like to spread your wealth around!

You can download the EP here:

And you can buy the full poster version at gigs x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


As promised, pissed ramblings - we went to see our friend Sarah play tonight as part of The Neasden Bees and they were right good!  We got to know Sarah as she used to play in 'It Often Takes A War' who we did a split with.  All sorts of RnR rip offs tonight but I've never seen a band in this vein pull that together to form a sound of their own before.  A great singer, good noises and far better than any similar fare I've seen in my time in London, or beyond, proper mint!

Sarah was visibly upset (was up for a few shots) that it was her first and last gig with the band, and so are we to be honest, she's off to Oz.  She will be greatly missed, get back to Blighty soon! x x x

Photo courtesy of El Reeve
The Neasden Bees:
Welcome to the new Death Pedals blog.  I've been in need of a safe place to rid my drunken ramblings and stop me posting idiotic things on people's Facebook walls, so I figured a band page/blog would be the ideal place to do it: no-one's going to be reading it and therefore I'm far less likely to get myself in the shit!

So yeah, expect to see lots of random babbling, as well as 'serious' updates on what The Pedals are up to in both their public AND private lives, ooooo saucy!

Thanks for having us!